How to Get Your 8X10 Free Walgreens Photo Print (September 2023)

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Deal Score+1

Free walgreens photo prints? Attention please! Photography enthusiasts and memory keepers! If there’s anything better than capturing a perfect moment, it’s getting to print and showcase it without any cost. That’s right, Walgreens is offering a splendid deal for everyone: a free 8×10 photo print.

Free walgreens photo prints

For those who are unaware, Walgreens frequently presents delightful offers, but this one surely stands out. Imagine getting a full-sized 8×10 print of your favorite memory without having to spend a penny!

So, how do you avail of this? The process is quite straightforward:

  1. Visit the Walgreens website or its mobile app. (
  2. Upload the cherished photo you wish to print.
  3. Proceed to checkout, and here’s the magic touch: use the coupon code “1OTI0NOILU1EZ“.
  4. Opt for in-store pickup, ensuring you won’t be charged anything. Your total should reflect $0.00!

A small tip: Some users have reported that the coupon code might not work on the mobile app. So, for a smooth experience, you might want to try the website first.

Now, once you have that elegant print in hand, it’s all up to your creativity. I’ve often chosen to frame these prints, making them the centerpiece of my living room or gifting them to loved ones.

But remember, like all good things, this offer won’t last forever. Ensure you use the “walgreens free photo coupon code” while it’s available.

Happy printing and here’s to preserving those priceless memories! Please share your opinion with us about free walgreens photo and process.

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