Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Duo Set for $13.99

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Includes Mini Eau de Parfum and Travel Lotion

Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Mini Fragrance Duo: A Slice of Paradise!

Let your senses embark on a celestial journey with the “Heavenly” fragrance from Victoria’s Secret. A melody of scents that embodies its namesake, the Heavenly mini duo is here to transport you to ethereal realms.

Key Highlights of the Heavenly Mini Fragrance Duo:

  • Scent: Step into a celestial embrace with Heavenly, a fragrance that’s as dreamy and entrancing as a starlit night.
  • Contents: Each set is meticulously curated with a Mini Eau de Parfum and a Travel Lotion, ensuring you’re wrapped in luxury and charm wherever you roam.
  • Form: Liquid, artfully crafted for a sublime application and a fragrance that stays, making you the center of attraction.
  • Volume: 0.25 Fluid Ounces, the ideal size whether you’re on a voyage or looking for that perfect gift.
  • Special Feature: A scented marvel that entices and enchants.

A Deal to Dive For:

  • Regular Price: $27.99
  • Special Offer: Now available at a heavenly discount of 50% off, yours for just $13.99!

But there’s more! With 103 glowing reviews and a commendable 4.3 rating, it’s clear that this set is a crowd-pleaser. Note: Due to hazmat safety concerns, this product is non-returnable. So, choose wisely, choose Heavenly, and let yourself be swept away by its divine allure. Make every moment a slice of paradise.

Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Duo Set for .99
Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Duo Set for $13.99
$13.99 $27.99
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